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Miscellaneous industrial chemistry

Sodium nitrite
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Sodium nitrite Application Sodium nitrite technical is used as antifrosty additive to concrete in production of building constructions, inhibitor for protection against atmospheric corrosion and for other purposes in chemical, metallurgical, medical, pulp-and-paper and other industries.
Group: Nitrite of sodium technical
Brand B hydrogen peroxide
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Main properties of hydrogen peroxide of technical brand B The aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide received by oxidation of isopropyl alcohol. Mass fraction of hydrogen peroxide: 30-40%. Form: transparent colorless liquid (canisters: 20 l, 30 l, 40 l, containers - 1 CBM). Range of...
Group: Peroxide of hydrogen technical
Sikkativa mnogometalny
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Sikkativa - the solutions of metal salts of fatty acids in organic solvents serving for acceleration of drying of varnishes and paints. Type of packaging: Drum - 25-50 kg, barrel - 180-220 kg.
Group: Siccatives


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