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Nutrient additives

Poppy food
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STB OF 2078-2010Appearance: Whole, dry (without excess external moisture) seeds of food poppy, uncontaminated (pure), i.e. without availability of visible foreign substances.Color: blue.Blue poppy one of the most favourite types of poppy which is used since ancient times by people in food. Poppy...
Group: Poppy food
Nitrite salt
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Group: Nitrite salt
Soy isolate
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Group: Soy isolate
Elucose, edible
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Group: Elucose, edible
Citric acid
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Scope Citric acid is widely applied in food, medical, chemical and other types of the industry. Citric acid on 70 plays role of podkislitel in the food industry, mainly thanks to its good solubility, low level of toxicity, harmlessness for environment and ability to mix up with other chemicals. ...
Group: Food acids
Starch corn
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Scope It is applied in the baking, pishchekontsentratny, meat-and-milk industries, by production of mayonnaise, ketchups. Production - RB. Packing - 35 kg in bag.
Group: Starch
Premium potato starch
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GOST 7699-78 Area Primenyaetsyav food, medical, light, chemical, heavy and other industries.
Group: Starch
P-11 gelatin
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Scope Thanks to the properties edible gelatin is widely applied in the confectionery industry by production of fruit jelly, and in the dairy industry to giving of structure of low-in-fat products, in the meat industry at development of canned meat, aspics etc. Edible gelatin is applied in...
Group: Gelatine
K-13 gelatin
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Gelatin Appointment Geleobrazovatel, thickener, covering, frother, nutrient, clarifier, flocculant, means for capsulation, the foam stabilizer, the carrier. Characteristic Represents granules, grains or powder from brownish till white color, transparent plates without foreign smell with taste...
Group: Gelatine
The dextrin is corn
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Main properties The powder of white or yellow color received as a result of special processing of starch. One of the best glues for pasting of paper, cardboard and fabrics. Area It is applied to preparation of different glue substances. It is widely applied in binding works. Packing - 40...
Group: Dextrin


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