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Solvents, washes

Nefras C2 80/120 (gasoline-solvent)
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Nefras of S-2 80/120, or in a different way, - oil solvent. Represents organic compound. Is an oil distillation product. And Nefras of S-2 represents the dehydrated oil distillation product. Liquid oily solvent. Has transparent color and a characteristic smell of oil products. Nefras of this look...
Group: Nephras
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Group: Acetone
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The JSC Belkhim company has the wide range of solvents. P-5, P-5A solvent. Solvent 647. R-12 solvent. R-4, P-4A solvent. R-646 solvent. On all questions to address by phones +375 17 200 91 34
Group: Solvents
White spiri
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White spirit in a drum. On all questions to address by phone +375 17 200 91 34. Main properties Represents the dehydrated oil distillation product. The present standard extends to the solvent representing the narrow high-boiling fraction of gasoline of direct distillation and applied in paint...
Group: White spirit
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Colourless liquid with a fruit smell; let's well dissolve in organic solvents, restrictedly we will dissolve in water. It is easily hydrolyzed in the presence of acids and alkalis.
Group: Butyl acetate
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Acetone — flammable liquid. Flash temperature — minus 18 °C, spontaneous ignition temperature — 500 °C, temperature limits of ignition of vapors in air: lower — minus 20 °C, top — 6 °C, concentration limits of vapors in air: lower — 2,2 (on volume), top — 13 (on volume), the minimum energy of...
Group: Acetone
Washing of SP-7, SP-6, AFT
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Scope It is intended for removal from surfaces of ferrous metals of old paint and varnish coverings on the basis of alkidno-acrylic, alkidno-, oil and styrene, melaminny, polivinilatsetalny enamels, epoxy fillings and primers, and also the complex coverings consisting of the above-stated materials.
Group: Rinse water
Solvent oil
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GOST 10214-62 Main properties Represents the by-product of production of petropolymeric pitch exempted from bulk of unsaturated hydrocarbons, C9 fraction of liquid products of pyrolysis (mix of aromatic hydrocarbons of a benzene row). Scope It is applied as solvent by production of varnishes,...
Group: Solvent salt
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Toluene (Russia) of GOST  
Group: Toluene


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